You’ve got Male

Many people ask me about their husband’s or son’s skin and can they use the same products as women?  The answer is yes.  After all skin is skin.  Men can have oilier skin than women but if He shaves daily he can fix that problem. Actually shaving exfoliates the skin so he can even end up drying out his skin and shaving cream is a form of soap so it can also cause dry skin issues. One big problem that many of my male client have is ingrown hairs. This paired with dry skin from the bar soaps that many men prefer can be very problematic.

Men should use a gentle cleanser to wash their face and should definitely use moisturizer and sunscreen, two things men seem to shy away from.  Maybe a cleanser with a salicilic acid once a week for a nice exfoliation. Skincare products marketed for men have all the same basic ingredients as womens products.  He may want his own men’s line for scent etc. but as long as he is using the product and his skin is balanced, he will be happy.