How to handle a brand new ‘huge” blemish

Conveniently it ususally happens during important social times, many of my clients of all ages will text me with the same panicked question….”Help Lorraine, I have a huge zit and I don’t know what to do?”  I say the answer so much I think I will be creating a postcard to hand out at Glow so that you will always have the answer in your purse or bathroom vanity etc.  First, the skin is obviously reacting to something.  It could be a food intollerance or the fact that you have overdone things for several days and you are exhausted.  You could be experiencing PMS or just a poor skin care regiment for a week.  Whatever the cause, there it is… and it’s killing you!!  First, relax.  Second apply Benzoyl Peroxide (only the first 2-3 days to attack bacteria, after that it will only dry out your skin which is a no no).  Second, take an anti-inflammatory over the counter medication like Motrin.  Third .. ice it.  Then wait…..  see what the body will do with it.  If it comes to a head over the next few days, come to see me and I will extract it, or if you are desperate use a warm compress until the poor is soft and open and squeeze gently pushing down onto the face and up under the entire poor.  If it doesn’t come out easity, don’t force it!!  You will force it to explode inside as well as out risking the possibility of satellite blemishes coming out around it over the next few days.  the body may abosorb the whole thing if you are patient.  Just keep it clean and moisturized.  Drink lots of water and of all things…. RELAX! Stress can be a big cause of skin breakouts!!!