Anti age makeup – what not to do!

So, I’ve just recently stopped offering makeup services.  I really want to just focus on helping people achieve their best skin goals.  But, i am still obsessed with makeup so here are some anti-age tips from doing makeup after 18 years.  (I am writing this post after reading an article about the same subject in More magazine!

1.  The main thing is to take care of your skin by way of proper exfoliation, hydration and moisturization!  Eye cream is a must!

2.  A powdery finish can age you.  So go for the dewier finish.  Tinted moisturizers are awesome, or mixing a favorite foundation with your moisturizer will work.

3. No more mascara on your lower lash line and only line the top of your eye.

4. Try a nice lip gloss and if you want more color use a lip liner and line the whole lip and fill in the middle. But lipstick can bleed into fine lines and wrinkles as we age so stay away!

5. Think brighter yet soft colors.  Neutrals like brown or taupe may magnify dullness.